Friday, February 24, 2012

My dear friend!

Sorry it's being so long since I last post something. From one part my job,from the other Pinterest are keeping me busy enough :)) But anyways, this post is dedicated to my dearest friend Eleni. I met Eleni not to many years ago to a rather unorganised bazaar. I admired her work from the very first moment but most I admire Eleni as a person.Strong and dedicated, during those crucial economically speaking days for Greece, Eleni keeps creating jewellery,decorative,wedding invitations even wedding decorations like if she is from a different,full of magic world. And since one picture counts like million words I am sharing with you a part of her job so that you can see it by yourself. Enjoy and feel free to live your comments! 


You can find Eleni here  or here or follow her on Pinterest


Francesca Muir said...

I know Eleni well and know and love her work. You have done her great credit here - Brava to you both. Francesca

elenoula said...

For sure she deserves that and much more! thank you for passing by Francesca!

Marie said...

Nice creations!!!

Michelle Trousseau said...

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