Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter candy bar wrappers!

My Easter madness this year involves much of searching,crafting,posting and of course eating!As soon I realised Easter is not only rabbits and eggs I am trying to be as more creative with all those candies that surrounds me! So this post is about candy bar wrapping! I love creating candy bar wrappers because they’re such an easy and inexpensive treat to pull together. And who doesn’t love chocolate?! So here you can see how easily you can convert a normal everyday candy bar to a super cute Easter candy bar!

1.So first you take an ordinary candy bar and you unwrap it

2. You download this Easter printable for free here.                             

 3.You wrap your candy bar with kitchen silver foil and then you just wrap it with your super cute Easter printable! And tadaaaaaaa!!

What do you think?


Granville Lochrico said...

Oh that’s so cute! Kids are going to love Easter more if their candy bars are that cute! You can also do that during the Halloween and make scary candy labels. If you like making your own chocolates or candy bars, wrapping it up in a personalized label will definitely make it look more attractive.

elenoula said...

Thats a really nice idea for Halloween!Thanks for the tip! Stay tuned...!