Monday, October 27, 2014

Africa,Ghana 2013

Its been almost a year that I've been back from what i call "a life changing trip". In my mind seems like a decade.Like the mind wants to blur the pictures that had see. 

The opportunity came a few months ago via an email of actionaid (a non profit organisation) The volunteer trip to africa was for me a challenge that i couldnt miss. 

Africa is the place where people dont own almost nothing but they give everyday lessons of happyness abundance of love dancing and tons of other feelings that the rest of the people worldwide keep burried in the routine of our lives.

Unfortunately we cannot even imagine how those people live. How they survive. Its far beyond what we might have seen on tv or a friend has told us. 
However, whats left in my mind are not pictures of people struggling to live but happy faces, clear eyes, soft chocolate skins and lot of mood to spread the whole situation to the rest of the world. Even if we dont realise we can help (or not) those people even with our daily habits. 

Please feel free to contact me for any information that you might need. 
I really wanted to share with you pictures of this adventure and here i chose some just to put you on my shoes even from far,even for a while.