Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Brooch me if you dare :)

A few months ago,as mentioned in my ''last visit to Paris'' I went to the biggest french salon of crafts organised by Marie Claire idees. As my natural talent is to over consume, when in the middle of my consumption paradise I literally got lost.I bought a few things that I dreamed as parts of feature projects(really fewer from what I want though :-))

So there I was, looking at my new acquisitions trying to find inspiration.

I don't know what happens with you but for me the inspiration goes like that: Either I don't have it, either I have it but I am really not in the mood to create something, either the inspiration hits me so hard that I barely have time to make everything I have in mind. (Am I at the boarders of insanity??)

That was the case yesterday when I remembered I had those beautiful,promising brooches! Should I colour them,should I stamp them,make a paper collage or a small mixed media piece? I had really so many ideas that I soon realize I only had 6 brooches. So I gathered my inspiration and here I am sharing with you the results!

 P.S: If you know where I can find online more of those brooches please advise! :))